Guidelines & Information

Who Should Enter?

The awards are open to PR consultancies, solo practitioners and in-house departments from all countries in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand).

Eligibility Period


Entries must be for work conducted between January 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018 in order to be eligible to enter into the PR Awards Asia 2018. Your work must have made an impact during this time period and the results you provide must be within this time frame. Elements of your work may have been introduced earlier and continued through this period, but your case must be based on data and results relative to the qualifying time period.


The work must be carried out and conceptualised within Asia-Pacific for the Asia-Pacific market(s), including Australia and New Zealand.


Dates and Deadlines


Early Bird Entry Deadline: Friday, 23 March 2018
Entry Deadline: Thursday, 12 April 2018
Shortlist Announcement:
Friday, 18 May 2018
Awards Presentation Gala Dinner: Wednesday, 13 June 2018

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Entry Fee

Early Bird Entry Fee:US290 (Before 23 March)

Entry Fee:US350


In addition to the above, should entry fee remain unpaid by 12 April, 2018, the entry will be disqualified and Haymarket Media Ltd will retain the right to claim for unpaid entry fees. 


Upon submission of the online entry form, entry fees are chargeable and you will be liable to pay for the entries even in the case of disqualification, withdrawal of entries, duplicate submission or non-endorsement by clients.


Early bird entry fee is due on 23 March and thereafter entries unpaid by 12 April may be disqualified and Haymarket Media Ltd will retain the right to claim for unpaid entry fees.


Once entry is shown as “COMPLETED” on the PR Awards Asia entry system, this denotes that the entry has been accepted and processed. Entry fee is non-refundable.


All entries are to be submitted online at

Please read the following information to assist you in your online submission.


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Payment Methods

Entry fees are payable in USD. Upon completion and submission of your entries on the submission system, you are liable to pay the entry fee. There are two payment methods to select from:


Credit Card Online/Alipay
You will be redirected to our secure payment gateway where you are able to select from VISA/MASTER/AMEX and Alipay . For this payment option, a 3.5% bank surcharge is applicable.


If you are having trouble with the credit card online system or via Alipay, please contact the organisers at


Bank Transfer
For this option, you will have to bear ALL bank charges related to this transaction. Please do indicate that to the bank clearly when making the transfer:

Beneficiary Name: Haymarket Media Limited
Beneficiary address: 10/F, Zung Fu Industrial Building, 1067 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Bank Name: CitiBank N.A., Hong Kong
Bank Address: CitiBank N.A. Hong Kong Branch, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
Bank code: 006(For local transfer only)
Branch Code: 391
USD Account No.: 61553174
Swift Code: CITIHKHX


  • All bank transfer payment must be completed by Thursday, 12 April 2018 with payment proof. Payment not received by this date will be disqualified.

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Important Notes 

  • Online Entry Form: All details required to be filled in accurately.
  • Entry Submission: Each entry submitted into an additional category is considered as an individual entry, where a separate set of written submission paper, endorsement, any supporting materials, 3 hi-res images and payment has to be submitted online.
    Note: Each written submission paper is highly recommended to be customised for each new entry to best describe how the case has performed well in the context of the particular category – judges frequently note that they can tell when a standard entry has been reused for multiple categories, and can penalize your entry.
  • Confidential: The organiser reserves the right to publish details of the entries in any related publications and materials. However, if there are certain information that must be kept confidential, please indicate it clearly as “Not for Publication” by highlighting the information in yellow , and tick the ‘Confidentiality request’ check box on the online entry form. Please be specific about what information cannot be disclosed – do not simply mark the entire entry confidential.
  • Credits: Agency name, Campaign Title/Nominee’s name, Client, Country as per credits to be published for all Awards categories.
  • Duplication of Entries: Where more than one agency has worked on the case, it has to be agreed in advanced between the involved parties which company will be making the entry. In the event that the same entry is submitted by two different entrant companies, or if both PR consultancy and client enter the same work, the submission may be treated as a joint entry for the purposes of judging at the organiser’s discretion. Any duplicated entry fee will be forfeited.
  • Language: All written submission must be completed and submitted in English. If you have any supporting materials that are not in English, you are required to provide translation, either via subtitling, or a translated script.
  • Must Not Include: For all Campaign awards entries, please do not include any agency names, logos or reference anywhere in your submission, which includes the written submission paper, or supporting materials. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any entries that do not meet this requirement.
  • Mandatory Images: Upload three (3) compulsory hi-resolution images of creative materials from your campaign. They will be used to showcase the entry, if awarded. If you are submitting for Campaign Awards, the 3 photos should be images from the actual work/campaign (no logos or media clippings allowed). For Gold Awards, all 3 submitted photos must be of team photos for team/ consultancy/network categories and nominee’s photos for individual categories.
  • Executive Summary: An executive summary to be published, to showcase your entry if awarded. Do not provide company credentials or confidential information. The summary must be at least 150-200 words.
  • Endorsement: Details of nominated senior client/brand representative or senior management from agency/company to endorse and authorize your entry and claims. You are responsible to ensure the endorsement is completed by the entry deadline via the online system.
  • Payment: All entry payment must be paid by entry deadline to complete the entry process successfully. Unpaid entries will be removed from the system without further notice.

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Zamir Khan
Head of Awards Events 

Tel: (+852) 3175 5273


Kaling Man
Events Manager

Tel: (+852) 3175 1993


Christopher Amhoff
Senior Account Manager - Brand Media Asia

Tel: (+65) 6579 0559