How To Enter

Written Entry

Your written entry is of utmost importance as the judges will base their initial decisions on the strength of the arguments made. Your written entry must be no more than two single-sided pages of A4 paper typed in Times New Roman, no less than 11 point type size, single spaced.

Please review each category in this entry kit for specific sub-headings that you must include in the two-page written submission paper.

For all Campaign Awards categories, agency names and logos must NOT appear on your written submission or any of your supporting materials.

Entrants may mark various sensitive parts of their submissions as “Not for publication” by highlighting the information in yellow, and tick the “Confidentiality request” box on the online entry form, provided these restrictions are not used excessively. Information marked as confidential will be treated as such.

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 Support Material


To accompany your written submission, entries may be supported with relevant back up material. The support material should show evidence of the success of your work. It may vary depending on the category but can range from branded media coverage, photographs, internet coverage, videos, attitudinal research, media evaluation, sales figures, detailed market share, etc. In the case of internal audiences, consider staff retention rates and productivity analysis. Please consider that it is better to be targeted than copious.



  • Support materials should be provided in digital format ONLY, and limited to a maximum of five (5) files for all categories. This could include case studies, videos, websites and even data reports etc. Be selective and provide only the most effective and successful items that make your case.

  • All support materials for judging should be uploaded either online and/or in the form of a microsite/URL links as per the format guidelines stipulated below. No file sharing site/FTP should be used.

  • The microsite/URL links must be live from 1 April to 31 October 2018. Please supply passwords, if needed, for access to the URL.

  • All materials in languages other than English must be submitted with a translation.

  • Any supporting data must be accompanied by an indication of the source of reference. If your agency is the source of research, please reference “Agency Research”.

  • Support materials not provided in digital format or according to the specifications listed below will not be considered.

  • For all Campaign Awards categories, there should be no agency names or logos in your written entry or on any of your supporting materials. Materials with agency names or logos may be disqualified.

  • Supporting materials are non-returnable.

  • If you have submitted any videos as a supporting material, two (2) copies of USB sticks containing the hi-res versions (in H264 compression, 1280x720px, aspect ratio 16:9, and in .mov, .mpeg2, .avi or .mp4 formats) of the same submitted videos to the organiser, labelled with the entry number assigned upon completion of your online submission.

PR Awards Asia 2018

Haymarket Media Ltd

10/F, Zung Fu Industrial Building, 

1067 King's Road, Quarry Bay, 

Hong Kong

Attention: Ms Emily Tam

Tel: (+852) 3175 1959

Entry ID:                                         


  • A custom’s invoice (Proforma Invoice) should be included in the consignment which should be clearly marked: “Contest material – No commercial value.”

  • It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure and confirm safe delivery of his/her shipment and to cover fully ALL courier and mailing costs and any import duties in advance, up to and including arrival at the PR Awards Asia office.

  • Haymarket reserves the rights to publish the video wholly or in part. If there is/are any content on the USBs that are not meant for publication, please label “NOT FOR PUBLICATION” on the USB itself. Delivery deadline: 17 April 2018.

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Entry Materials File Format


All supporting materials are to be submitted online and must adhere strictly to the stipulated formats as listed below:



File size: Less than 5MB

File formats: .doc, .ppt, .pdf


Pictures/Photographs (min. 300dpi, RGB)

File size: Less than 5MB

File formats: .jpg, .png, .gif



File size: Less than 5MB

File formats: .mp3



File size: Less than 25MB

File formats: .mov, .mpeg2, .wmv, .mpeg, .mp4, .mpg


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All Campaign awards entries must be endorsed by your client representative authorizing the entry and data. The entry will only be accepted with your client endorsement. You will need to provide your client contact details on the online submission system and the endorsement email can be generated and emailed directly to your client for endorsement. 


All Gold awards entries must be endorsed by a senior management member from your agency/company, and cannot be endorsed by the same person who submitted the entry. 


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Executive Summary 


An Executive Summary of at least 150-200  words to be provided via the online form. If awarded, the Summary will be published to showcase the entry. Please do not include confidential information or company credentials. 





Zamir Khan
Head of Awards Events 

Tel: (+852) 3175 5273


Kaling Man
Events Manager

Tel: (+852) 3175 1993


Christopher Amhoff
Senior Account Manager - Brand Media Asia

Tel: (+65) 6579 0559