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B. Product Brand Development Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Doublemint Brings People Face-to-Face



Doublemint had engaged Chinese consumers with its ‘closeness’ concept for two years. In 2011, the brand encouraged people to spend more time together face-to-face. Its biggest challenge was to further communicate the brand message of ‘closeness’ and lift its brand image. It targeted people in the 18 to 34 year segment, with the primary target being the 80s generation, most of whom are young parents. The agency set out to address an important cause while lifting Doublemint’s brand image by raising awareness of China’s 58 million ‘left-behind’ children, whose parents have migrated from rural to urban areas for work. It partnered with the China Women’s Federation to add a layer of accountability and expertise to all communication, leveraging the organisation’s influence and resources to give children face-to-face time with their parents. It also engaged celebrities, and used weibo, or micro blogging, to reach young consumers. On Father’s Day, the team posted a note on the official ‘face-to-face’ closeness microblog encouraging people to finish work early to pick up their children from school. Working with the Women’s Federation, it brought over 30 ‘left-behind’ children from Anhui Province to Beijing for a holiday with their parents at the Doublemint Face-to-Face Closeness Summer Camp. The campaign combined traditional and digital media to share intimate moments between the left-behind kids and their parents. The CSR campaign, which helped underprivileged families, is one of the brand’s ‘Good Purpose Marketing’ efforts, according to Steve Deng, corporate affairs director for Wrigley China. It amassed more than 400 press clippings, reaching 3.9 million people, with call-to-action videos getting more than 828,000 views on Youku.com during the campaign.

Campaign Title

Vanish NapiSan Sponsors the White House

Reckitt Benckiser

Red Agency (with Euro RSCG Sydney)

Trusted by generations of Australians, Vanish NapiSan is synonymous with effective fabric stain removal. Now with its new Oxi Action Crystal White range it wanted to be equally famous for keeping white clothes white. It had tried and tested ways to market its cleaning and detergent products in what is a very low interest category. The brand set its agency a challenge: it wanted to undertake a bold campaign that took the message to a broader audience, in addition to its core buyers, mothers. To demonstrate the ‘Keeping white clothes white; message, it decided to sponsor a building — the White House. The agency kicked off a cheeky campaign to sponsor the White House by tapping into the US debt crisis that was taking place at the time and dominating news. The agency stirred up the debate, positioning its sponsorship as a novel way to help the US government raise revenue without raising taxes. It broke from conventional marketing and marked the brand’s first venture into social media. Letters were sent to US members of Congress seeking their support, and a story seeded into Australian media. A Facebook announced the campaign via a pitch video to the US President and prepared to send spokesperson Adam Whittaker to ‘negotiate’ the deal. The campaign ended back in Australia with the search of a local ‘white house’ to sponsor, seeking ideas from the public. It received widespread media coverage and audience reach of 11 million in Australia. The brand had an 87 per cent share of voice versus major competitors during the campaign, and nearly 500 entries to the campaign end competition were received.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

PEDIGREE Adoption Drive 2011

MARS Petcare

DEC Public Relations

In 2011, the agency worked with Mars Petcare (Pedigree) to develop and manage a public relations strategy to support its major corporate responsibility initiative in Australia – The Pedigree Adoption Drive. Many unwanted dogs don’t find new homes, simply because Australians don’t know they are available for adoption. To combat this, Pedigree partners with PetRescue to raise awareness within the Australian community and rally support. The ultimate priority of the drive is to help save some of the 100,000 homeless or abandoned dogs in the country every year. The PR strategy was aimed to engage mass consumer audiences throughout Australia via multiple media and social media channels. The new Dog-A-Like App and milestone announcements were used to drive interest among media and consumers. High profile celebrities were used as ambassadors, successful case studies and real life rescue dogs used to leverage public support and interest. A key component of the campaign was the app, Dog-A-Like, which used facial recognition technology to match potential adopters with a dog that shared their facial features.



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