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C. Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Shave Sutra - Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Sensitive

P&G (Gillette) India

Corporate Voice Weber Shandwick

A pioneer in product innovation, Gillette’s consumer analysis had revealed that large sections of Indian men found shaving regularly an unpleasant task, as it caused an irritation on sensitive areas of the face. Gillette’s solution was to launch the Mach3 Turbo Sensitive razor. The challenge was to go beyond the highly successful earlier campaigns starting with a national media debate, ‘ To shave or not to shave’, and its subsequent extension voiced by a high-visibility women’s influencer group, ‘Women Against Lazy Stubble’. A Gillette-commissioned Nielsen survey found that 73 per cent of women found men’s stubble ‘prickly’, with 79 per cent of them wanting their men to be clean-shaven. The survey also found that 70 per cent finding a clean shave more romantic and found the act of shaving their men sexy. With a small budget of US$150,000, a multi-touch point campaign was launched, including on-ground activities and celebrity engagement. The campaign, ‘Shave Sutra’, repositioned the mundane low-involvement act of shaving as a desirable, seductive activity. At the heart of the campaign was a viral video that included a sequence of couples shaving together. It created a massive media buzz that was fuelled by mass mall activation programmes in 25 cities. In three months, the Shave Sutra campaign involved more than four million consumers, led to 19.5 million digital interactions and ROI of 1:14, with Gillette India creating a new Guinness record for the ‘World’s Largest Shaving Lesson’. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive because the highest selling razor in India.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Hug Formosan Bears, Hug Bonaqua!

Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd.

FOCUS Marketing Consultants Co., Ltd.

Local companies dominate Taiwan’s competitive non-flavoured bottled water market. Coca-Cola, the producer of Bonaqua Lohas, was introducing a new bottle to the market and wanted to boost sales but faced the challenge of differentiating itself from the almost identical competing products and competing in a consumer market that’s traditionally loyal to local brands. The company launched a plant-based bottle was not only 100 per cent recyclable but used 30 per cent less oil in its production, significantly reducing the destruction of forests and the Formosan Black Bear. With a budget of just US$50,000, it built a Formosan Black Bear out of recycled Bonaqua water bottles and aligned with environmental stakeholders. It used events and social media to raise awareness of the decline of the bear and educate consumers. Sales of the water brand increased 30 per cent year on year, according to Nielsen. More than 700,000 consumers were exposed to the message through direct reach.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Launch of Malaysia Kitchen Australia

Malaysian External Trade Commission (MATRADE)

Pulse Communications, an Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide company

The Malaysia Trade Commission engaged its agency to launch a new campaign, Malaysia Kitchen Australia – a consumer campaign promoting Malaysian cuisine and restaurants, with the ultimate goal of increasing trade of food products from Malaysia to Australia. The agency targeted ‘foodies’, 18- to 55-year-old Australians who want new dining experiences, and kicked off an event that played on current trends of pop-ups, food celebrities and revitalizing rundown city spaces. It created a contemporary interpretation of a Malaysia hawker market by transforming a Sydney laneway, with VIP media events featuring celebrity chefs. The agency brought the experience of eating Malaysian food to life, and tailored invites and information for food bloggers to attend the food market, which led to recommendations to their network. On average, participating restaurants saw a 30 per cent sales increase, and since 2011, six new Malaysian restaurants have opened. There was also extensive media coverage, both online and offline. A total of 46 media and four bloggers attended the CIP launch, exceeding KPIs by 166 per cent. There were 82 pieces of media coverage were secured.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

The Ford Fiesta Launch in Thailand


Ford Motor Company Asia Pacific and Africa -- WPP X Team

Undergoing a strategic transformation of its business around the world, Ford needed to extend the creation of a new, more modern and dynamic brand image to its Thailand market. A successful launch of the all-new Ford Fiesta in Thailand was seen as crucial to drive a shift in perception of the Ford business and brand. With a US$150,000 budget for PR activities, the team developed a highly strategic, 12-month campaign targeted to effectively engage the discerning ‘I want it now’ consumer group. The ‘Love Fiesta…Snap It Now!’ integrated communications initiative was the cornerstone element in the pre-launch, inviting the public to become fans of the brand on Facebook. The buzz began with 220 reporters attending an event hosted by Ford executives. It went on-air via a co-promotion with Virgin Radio Thailand. The Bangkok launch event attracted media and celebrities and a post-launch phase continued to build on the story resulting in 3,500 pre-bookings for the All-New Fiesta and sales doubling year-on-year.



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