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D. Healthcare: Ethical Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Alzheimer’s Disease in Hong Kong - Help is on the Way

Lundbeck Hong Kong


Research indicated that Hong Kong people wait as long as three years before reporting symptoms of dementia to a doctor. The agency launched a campaign to encourage potential patients to seek treatment early, to create opportunities for Lundbeck to partner and receive endorsements from leading Hong Kong third parties specializing in medical care for the elderly and to raise Ebixa’s profile and sales by at least 10 per cent. Lundbeck conducted focus groups to better understand the dynamics of how Alzheimer’s disease is perceived and treated. Based on the findings, it launched a campaign to reach the audience both on-ground and online by incorporating a new online platform and hosting public seminars to educate the public. Media was engaged at each stage of the campaign. The Ebixa Charity Scheme brought together healthcare organisations and artists to deliver the message. The www.ebixa.com.hk website launched with a variety of videos including three features from leading local experts, therapists and patients. Nearly 100 media stories were generated following the press conference, with clear messages and more than 10,000 visits to the Ebixa website. Active participation by key third parties such as Hong Kong Health Care Association on Ageing helped develop the scheme. The agency kept track of responses via advertising to elevate Lundbeck’s outreach to new levels. More important than media coverage was the increase in public interest and awareness. An ad for a public seminar, for instance, fielded more than 100 calls within two hours. Moreover, based on Ludbeck’s internal data, sales were up 47 per cent in the two months following the campaign, with cumulative sales up 38 per cent during the year.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

“No More Cocoa” – Empowering Parents to Say No to Pneumococcal Disease

Pfizer Malaysia

Edelman Public Relations Worldwide Pte Ltd

The campaign combined an innovative educational programme for pre-school children and parents with a multi-stakeholder engagement campaign. It proved to be a highly effective combination, raising awareness of Pneumococcal disease among the Singaporean public, highlighting the importance of vaccination and helping capture market share for a new vaccine, PCV 13. The team launched the campaign with a media relations programme around World Meningitis Day, raising awareness of the importance of PD vaccination through the use of case studies and data. The school programme featured the ‘No more Cocoa’ story and puppet show and was rolled out across 15 pre-schools with around 15,000 parents given information packs. The team worked with online parenting sites to raise awareness, and developed a series of newsletters for paediatricians and general practitioners. To mark the launch of PCV 13, Pfizer provided free vaccinations against PD for more than 50 underprivileged children from 11 charity organisations. Major media attended the event, resulting in high impact coverage across dailies, online and broadcast channels. Pfizer Singapore’s ROI was more than eight times the investment in the communications campaign. The parent engagement saw 18,380 views online, 103 questions generated and high interest across Facebook and YouTube. Pfizer surpassed its launch targets for PCV 13, a significant achievement considering that there were no other marketing activities during the period.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Pfizer’s Enbrel Awareness in China

Pfizer China

Weber Shandwick

In China, about 10 million people suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). Awareness of the disease among the public and patients has been low, with a great deal of misunderstanding regarding treatments. As the only third biological drug to enter the Chinese market, Enbrel was confronted with multiple additional challenges, including the ban on advertising prescription pharmaceuticals. In addition, journalists avoid reporting on particular medicines in the market, which is dominated by generic products and expected the launch of an international competitor. The agency developed a communications campaign that would result strong hospital sales of the drug by raising category awareness. It used digital platforms to spark interest through Baidu Baike. It uploaded patient videos to share experiences. A press conference held in Beijing coincided with the launch of a new website, MyDayForRAinAsia.com, providing patients with accurate health information on the disease. The PR drive led to the drug securing five per cent market share among all Bio-DMARDs in two months, four times higher than its direct competitor. Hospital sales also exceeded targets by 400 per cent. As well as extensive press coverage, the campaign initiated inquiries, seeing the Pfizer Enrel hotline leap from 16 monthly requests to 68.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

Driving Hospital Authority to Allocate HK$20,000,000 for the Purchase of Oral Chemotherapy Drug Xeloda

Roche Hong Kong Limited

GREY Healthcare Hong Kong

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cancer in Hong Kong. The Hospital Authority only offered free chemotherapy drug in infusion format, which required patients to stay in hospital. Roche launched an oral format chemotherapy drug, Xeloda, which patients could take anywhere. HA patients had to self-finance the expensive drug. A campaign was launched to drive HA to allocate US$2.58 million for the purchase of the drug for 1,600 patients. With a budget under $66,000, the agency engaged experts to form the first advocacy group to drive media attention and lobby stakeholders. It conducted a study to establish a solid case for cost-effectiveness. Press conferences were held to raise awareness and support for the effort, and meetings lined up between advocacy groups and government departments. In February 2011, the Hospital Authority announced it was assigning a budget for the purchase of Xeloda for the financial year 2011-2012.



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