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F. Business-to-Business Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

IBM: Telling the Story through Mr. BAO


Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide/Beijing

IBM’s Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) Services were first introduced globally in 2009 to help corporations analyse data better. However, its complicated nature meant low coverage and attention outside the research community. The annual BOA Forum was an opportunity to educate potential clients on BAO’s benefits and extend its uses with existing clients in order to attract new business leads. IBM tasked the agency with raising BAO awareness and advocacy in order to increase forum attendees by 30 per cent over the previous year. The agency set out to ignite discussion in the digital space, as well as empower IBM employees to become advocates of BAO. It abandoned conventional corporate Weibo formulas and opened an account with a ‘real’ person identity, Mr Bao, to share information about BAO using simple language that could be easily understood. His initial ‘tweets’ were news, lunch plans and traffic updates. Mr Bao sought out followers and invited four of them to co-host a live Weibo interview, picking up 126 followers within one hour. A platform was created for Mr Bao to share his tweets during and after the forum. He now answers questions, directing enquiries to the official website. During the campaign period, Mr Bao’s Weibo was exposed to more than 410,000 fans, attracted over 11,000 followers and engaged 119 KOLs, including high-level executives from competitors. In total, his tweets were shared over 5,500 times. Within IBM, Mr Bao’s Weibo was regarded as the ‘most popular’ and the ‘most engaging’ microblog of all time.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

AES Corporate Communications Campaign 2010-2011

Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Aboriginal Employment Strategy

In early 2010, AES was a growing organisation, hindered by a lack of awareness and understanding among its primary stakeholders — government and Australian businesses. The AES was perceived as a small service provider, offering mostly low skilled jobs to its Indigenous career-seeking constituents. In reality, it was delivering a high volume of long-term career opportunities across a range of industry sectors. Media coverage of its success was negligible, and it was unable to secure meetings it wanted with senior ministers and other stakeholders. The agency set out to deliver cut through with a powerful thought leadership position for media. It created a benchmark report into Indigenous career seekers and placed candidates registered with the AES, examining their training and employment experiences as well as their career aspirations. It presented the results of its research at a breakfast event for Australian Businesses and Government, with keynote given by a State Minister. Other initiatives such as roundtables and newsletter further helped raise awareness. As a result, AES Corporate Partners increased by 10 per cent, while indigenous career seekers registered with the AES grew from 2,028 to 2,670. There were 145 pieces of media coverage across national, metro and local media outlets in print, TV and radio.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

ARM Holdings Brand Awareness PR Campaign

ARM Holdings

Clavis Communications Consultants

ARM Holdings is a semiconductor intellectual property supplier. To raise ARM’s profile in Taiwan, the world’s largest chip manufacturing market, among both computer engineers and decision makers. ARM found that it could motivate publicly listed partners in Taiwan to participate in joint releases by incorporating both technology and investor messages in the announcements. As a result, partners experienced a boost in stock performance with the press release and ARM was tied more closely with the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. It reached out to technology media journalists directly as well as through its partners. It used one of the world’s biggest tech shows, Computex 2011 in Taipei, to make bold predictions about the future. It extended its influence with university students through a contest, and positioned its executives as thought leaders. The result was a massive increase in exposure among the target audience, seeing ARM significantly raise its profile in Taiwan through the media and analyst coverage.



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