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G. Employee Communications Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

All About Me: Super-sizing IT Change

McDonald's Australia Limited

Ogilvy Impact, an Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide company

An ongoing business priority for McDonald’s Australia is to ensure its 600-strong corporate team provides exceptional service and support to 85,000 employees across its restaurants. As part of this commitment, in 2011 the company decided to undergo a complete overhaul of IT, introducing new tools and systems designed to make jobs easier, more flexible and productive. The agency’s role was to navigate staff through the change and ensuring project goals were hit. At the heart of the strategy lay creativity. A fun and colour change brand - ‘All bout me — technology to make our jobs easier’. It was a light-hearted approach to underpinned by important business messages. Every touch-point throughout the campaign was delivered creatively, always drawing in employees through the unexpected, such as an All About ME update written like a Dating Guide, a Flash Mob that included a three-minute dance routine, and an ‘Oprah’ moment as employees were given an iPhone. The outcome included cultural and engagement benefits. All IT change milestones points were hit with all new equipment deployed according to agreed timelines. There was an 86 per cent adoption of additional key features contained in the tools, productivity levels were maintained, and all respondents supported the change, with 92 per cent attending training sessions. Moreover, 83 per cent of respondents rated effectiveness of All About ME as good or very good, compared with 34 per cent in previous IT change programmes. In addition, 90 per cent of employees attended a ‘special announcement’ CIO town hall meeting, an unprecedented in the McDonald’s world.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Flextronics Employee Communications (for Targeted Audience Awards)


Elite PR Consultants Beijing Co., Ltd.

Flextronics, an electronics manufacturer, has more than 90,000 employees in China, with 90 per cent of them migrant workers. The company launched a CSR/employee communications campaign to not only improve the lives of its employees and their families, but initiate partnerships with multiple stakeholders to raise the awareness of business ethics and the importance of training and support programmes for migrant workers nationwide. Leveraging media and social media to publicise Flextronics’ employee relations efforts in China, the agency set out to strengthen relationships with relevant NGOs and WTO economic Tribune, a well-known CSR magazine supervised by the Ministry of Commerce. It partnered with a prestigious university in China to promote CRS and business ethics, and it created a talent hunt to reach potential employees. It also became the first electronics manufacturer in China to allow media access to its employees and created a forum for workers to express their views. Since the launch of the campaign, Flextronics has seen a noticeable shift in employee attitude, with satisfaction up from 50 per cent to 70 per cent. The university programme, meanwhile, gained both media and student attention with hundreds of the mainland’s top 50 MBA schools participating in the business ethics competition.



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