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H. Regional PR Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

BlackBerry Customers – Loving What They Do Online

Research In Motion

Edelman Public Relations

Working closely with the digital marketing team at Research In Motion, the agency helped BlackBerry create very large and highly engaged social media communications across Asia-Pacific. Its programme currently spans 15 multi-lingual, country specific Blackberry communities across Facebook, Twitter, and Sina Weibo, with more than 3.5 million fans or followers. Within 18 months, it helped grow the company’s regional Facebook community from 50,000 - making RIM one of the five largest brands in Facebook in Asia today. Following this campaign, RIM now boasts the largest and most engaged mobile / smartphone online branded community in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India and Australia. RIM’s ambition with its social media strategy was to reflect its brand proposition that focuses on allowing people to ‘love what you do’, and increase brand loyalty by building brand interaction with customers post purchase and ensuring that BlackBerry was top of mind when making a purchase. As part of the initiative, the agency ensured that all social media formats were maximized. The limited paid media it had to launch communities was timed to maximize fanning and competition participation, while PR support and online influencer outreach raised awareness of the work it was doing. Three high profile campaigns, including a concert in Indonesia, an on-going video content series documenting interesting Messenger users across the region and a device graphics for Facebook initiative helped accelerate the programme. As a result, the social community grew from 50,000 to 3.5 million within 18 months, with only 20 per cent of growth attributed to paid media. The brand’s online buzz jumped up, and there was an increase in clicks from branded communities to other RIM online assets.



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