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'10 Pieces of Advice for the Next Generation of Women Scientists

L'Oréal Korea

Design House

The L’Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Program’ is an internationally prestigious awards with a 13-year history and running across 54 countries. The Korea L’Oreal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Life Science marked its 10th anniversary in 2011. The awards were organized by L’Oreal Korea, Korean National Commission for UNESCO and the Women’s Bioscience Forum. The objective was to increase recognition and the status of the awards on its anniversary and fortify the image of L’Oreal Korea as a socially responsible company that makes a long-term contribution to the advancement of science. As a result, a book was published in an effort to draw active participation of women scientists from the stage of planning to publishing. A publication event was hosted alongside the 10th awards ceremony and lectures, invited 100 leaders in science to the awards ceremony. The company highlighted the achievements of women scientists through press briefing and interviews with support from PR agencies and delivered key messages directly through women scientists. There was free distribution of the publication in science communities. It also engaged in online viral activities utilizing various SNS tools, from Facebook advertising, Twitter to blog postings for book recommendation and increase of book exposure towards the general public. Finally, it donated books as a sponsor to the nationwide science lecture donation programme. Maximum book exposure was recorded, reaching out to more than 67,000 members of the scientific community through e-newsletters. There were 35,000 visitors to the e-book. The programme contributed to improving awareness of the awards and helped attract young talent.

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Are you? CENTRAL e-magazine app

Hongkong Land Limited

Hearst Magazines Hong Kong Limited

Hongkong Land had launched the quarterly magazine ‘Are you? Central’ in 2008 as a communication tool to bring the property developer’s shopping malls closer to target consumers and as a brand building tool. The objective was now to reinforce the positioning of Hongkong Land’s Central malls and broaden the readership while using the magazine to develop a multi-platform communication solution beyond the magazine. As a result, Hong Kong distribution was at 15,000 copies to VIP shoppers, CEOs, executives, professionals and clubs. China distribution was at 20,000 to expand the magazine’s distribution to cover the mainland market. In addition, an iPad app for the magazine was developed, a fan page created on Facebook, regular photo competitions held and ‘elite tours’ organized for China clients. Moreover, interactive information kiosks were set up offering information in English and Chinese. The results were positive, with the elite tours in particular generating more than HK$3.6 million worth of publicity from the May 2011 tour, increasing 300 per cent from that earned in the tour organized in 2010. The app was seen as the first of its kind in the retail sector, while the China distribution of the magazine received positive feedback and prompted an increment in copies to 20,000 per issue.

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State of Change: The Parker & Partners guide to working with an O'Farrell Government

Parker & Partners (an Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Company)

Parker & Partners (an Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Company)

In 2011, the State of New South Wales went to the polls. The first election in four years, the incumbent Labor Party administration, which had been in power since 1995, faced an uphill battle to retain power. A power shift to a new Coalition administration led by then opposition leader Barry O’Farrell was widely anticipated, but after nearly two decades in the political wilderness, there was a dearth of knowledge about what this power shift really would mean for the NSW business community. Published in December 2010, State of Change: The agencies’ guide to working with an O’Farrell Government was the assessment of the policy priorities, personalities and political realities that were likely to shape the new government. It was distributed to 1,000 businesses. The publication of the book led to impressive outcomes, with many new business opportunities for the agency and the strengthening of relationships with existing clients. Lastly, company profiling was boosted through the publication of select coverage of the document and the company’s point of view read by target audiences in key media.



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