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L. Financial Communications Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

The growth story of Tang Palace in China, a quality multi-brand restaurant chain

Tang Palace (China) Holdings Limited

Strategic Public Relations Group

The growth story of Tang Palace in China, a quality multi-brand restaurant chain Tang Palace was running a multi-brand chain of 22 restaurants across China during the listing publicity campaign, but none of its seven brands were operating in Hong Kong, resulting in relatively low brand awareness among local investors. Moreover, general investment sentiment had been weakened after the earthquake and subsequent crisis in Japan and led to a nervous initial public offering (IPO) market, causing a number of companies to suspend their listing plans. The objective of the campaign was to assist Tang Palace get listed smoothly during an unstable period, boost the group’s brand awareness and strengthen its presence along local investors. In addition, it aimed to dispel concerns by the public and investment community over the ingredients used by Pepper Lunch, a Japanese fast food restaurant brand. A creative mix of traditional IPO communications programmes and innovative soft angle initiatives directed at the local media were used. The focus was on delivering tailor-made messages throughout the campaign. There was tactful use of advertorials before the HKEX hearing (according to listing rules, Tang Palace was not allowed to advertise in Hong Kong as it did not operate in the territory). Media events were conducted, including food sampling and interviews at the company’s restaurants. A complete history of the company was presented, and a dialogue established with the financial media on a nearly daily basis during the IPO period. As a result, the public offering received tremendous market response and was oversubscribed by more than 613 times with the offer price fixed at the upper end.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Success Amid Adversity – IPO Publicity Campaign of Active Group

Active Group Holdings Limited

Strategic Public Relations Group

Fujian-based Active Group had grown to become a designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and brand operator of men’s casual footwear under its two self-owned brands and three licensed brands in China. However, without a presence or operation in Hong Kong, the company and its brands were unknown to local investors and the media and promotions restricted under Hong Kong listing rules. A campaign was launched to boost brand awareness and strengthen its presence among institutional and retail investors, crucial components for successful listing in Hong Kong, highlight the group’s growth potential and assist in a smooth listing. A creative mix of conventional advertising combined with cross-border marketing was used. Soft angle topics were proactively delivered to the media, and a sense of quality and professionalism reinforced through a fashion show. As a result, the Active Group because one of the few companies to successfully list on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in September 2011.



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