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P. Environmental Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Me First 2011

Ministry of Environment

The Communications Enzaim

At the 2009 15th United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference (COP15), South Korean president Lee Myoung-Bak publicly acknowledged that it was time for its citizens to take action together to promote environmental sustainability. With this in mind, the Me First 2011 campaign was born, emphasising a ‘Me First’ proactive attitude. The purpose of the campaign was to increase public awareness about adopting a greener lifestyle, and to help the public recognise specific areas where they can impact change and help the environment. Avoiding the usual education route, campaign events were centred on cultural events. These included holidays, sporting events, concerts and exhibitions. All programmes were themed with the tagline: “I am Green”. The campaign and its components were designed specifically to emphasize the popularised 3Rs slogan in encouraging the public to reduce, reuse and recycle (3Rs). This proved to be effective in reducing campaign costs by 50 per cent. The execution of the campaign saw the launch of three major programmes: brand awareness, participation and information exchange. The brand awareness programme included the appointment of 10 celebrity goodwill ambassadors, a special performance by the inventor of the Hangul Korean written language, as well as a fashion show. The second phase saw events such as the largest and oldest youth camp offering lectures, and the ministry participating in the biggest rock and jazz concert shows by setting up themed recycle bins. Finally, an outcome of the year-round campaign was put on display as a reminder to the public of the power of collective efforts. The campaign was a roaring success, with the media coverage totalling 764 times in a six-month period, reaching more than 400 million people with an average of 8.3 exposures per viewer. This is impressive considering the population of Korea is 48.5 million. On Earth Day, over 1.3 million participants were mobilised to take part in the lights out ceremony for 10 minutes.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Hug Formosan Bears, Hug Bonaqua!

Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd.

Bravo Communications Consultants Co., Ltd.

To find a way to stand out in the competitive bottled water industry in Taiwan, Coca Cola launched a campaign to link its new 100% recyclable Bonaqua Lohas bottles to a greater effort to save Taiwan’s forests and the Formosan Black Bear. The “Hug Formosan Bears, Hug Bonaqua!” campaign focused on showing consumers how they can make a difference by simply choosing a more environmentally friendly product. Using creative and original ideas, the campaign included the construction of a giant black bear made out of Bonaqua Lohas water bottles, a collaboration with the Taipei National Zoo, a theme song, a viral video and an augmented reality booth at the Floral Expo. Aside from achieving its objectives to raise awareness, sales of Bonaqua Lohas increased by 30 per cent, a notable achievement in a market that is crowded by bottled water brands, and a consumer that tends to prefer local brands.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

Take a "Brake" Low Carbon Action 2010

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

As Standard Chartered has a strong vision to work towards a greener future, the bank recognized the need to spearhead a widespread and long-term environmental plan to educate the Hong Kong public on the adverse effects driving has on the environment and particularly the serious air pollution that affects the city.

The bank wanted to embody its brand promise ‘Here for good’ and demonstrate thought leadership by assuming the role of convener to develop the campaign, design strategies and invite three influential NGOs as co-organisers.

The objectives were to raise awareness about global warming, to encourage less driving activity through its ‘drive less’ message and low carbon living habits, demonstrate the banks commitment to sustainability and to the strengthen relationships with all stakeholders.

The 360-degree communications and tailored promotional activities were supported by print ads, school posters, effective media partnerships, creative web interaction and celebrity influence resulting in 20 organisations joining the corporate scheme and 240,000 less driving days achieved per year among other achievements.



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